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[Thailand and The World Economy (TWE)] Our new issue: Volume 37 Number 1, January--April 2019

[Thailand and The World Economy (TWE)]

Our new issue: Volume 37, No. 1, January--April 2019

>>> 🔰Editorial Note

by Juthathip Jongwanich

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>> 🔰Growth Slowdown and the Middle Income Trap in Asia

by James Riedel

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>> 🔰An Ex-Ante Evaluation of Labor Supply Effects: A Case of Negative Income Tax Policy in Thailand

by Weerawat Phattarasukkumjorn

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>> 🔰Government Role in the Risk Sharing of Thai Households

by Thanaruk Loharungsee

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>> 🔰Impact of Free Trade Agreements on Imports: Evidence from Pakistan

by Farhat Mahmood

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>> 🔰Happiness among the Disabled Elderly: A Study based on Micro Data in Udonthani Thailand

by Savinee Suriyanrattakorn

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