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The Faculty of Economics at Thammasat University was founded in 1949. A a leading economics institute in Thailand, the Faculty offers a broad range of academic programs, including bachelorís, masterís and doctoral degrees as well as training opportunities. With over 70 highly accomplished faculty members, most with Ph.Dís from leading universities, the Faculty represents a wide spectrum of academic activities. These include influential research and contributing to the advancement of teaching. With rigorous academic excellence which focuses on critical thinking and problem-solving, many of our graduates attain prominent positions in the worlds of business, academia, and international organizations.

In 1956, the bachelorís degree in economics (Thai Program) became the first of its kind in Thailand. In 1969, Professor Puey Ungphakorn launched the masterís degree in economics program, with English as the language of instruction. This venture was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, creating Thailandís first masterís degree in economics program. It has trained Thai and foreign students from Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and the Philippines. In 1993, following the success of the international masterís degree program, the Faculty began administering the Ph.D. program in economics and the bachelorís degree in economics (International Program), Thailandís first international economics program. Since 1997, the masterís degree in business economics has been offered to prepare business professionals with skills and understanding. In 2010, with increased globalization, the masterís degree in international trade law and economics was established to advance multidisciplinary study and research.

  • 1934

    Thammasat University founded.
  • 1949

    Faculty of Economics established.
  • 1964

    Prof. Dr. Puey Ungphakorn appointed as Dean.
  • 1966

    The master's program in economics founded in Thailand

  • 1969

    Thailand's first English-language master's program

    The Rockefeller Foundation funds

  • 1993

    English-language bachelors degree and Ph.D program in economics initiated.
    Economics Research and Training Center founded.
  • 1997

    Masters in business economics established.
  • 2010

    Thammasat international trade law and economics degree offered.
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