ʴԹաѺѡ֡çúѳԵ֡ Ѻҧ ӹǹ 2

    ҧùت ǧк ѡ֡çúѳԵ֡ (ѡٵѧ) 鹻շ 2 Ѻҧ Outstanding Paper Award ҡ International Society for Business Innovation and Technology Management (ISBIM) ѹ 15 - 18 Ҥ 2557 Merlin Beach Resort ѧѴ Ǣ The Impact of Financial Development on Economic Growth in Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines." ..ҵ ѹԡ 繷֡ ҧطԹ ѹ ѡ֡çúѳԵ֡ (ѡٵѧ) 鹻շ 4 Ѻҧ Best Session Paper Award ҡ International Centre of Economics , Humanities & Management (ICEHM) ѹ 14 - 15 Ҥ 2557 ԧ Ǣ ?Age-earnings and age-productivity profiles of self-employed workers in Thailand." ..ت عêǡҹ 繷֡
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