เอกสารทางวิชาการ [Discussion Paper Series]
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Number ชื่อเรื่อง
1 Revaluation of Yen : A Strategy for Equitable and Realistic Revaluation Yasukichi Yasuba
2 -
3 Regional Economic Growth in Thailand
4 Thailand's Agricultural Co-operatives : Agricultural Development Development Measure
5 Reflections on the Constitution & Freedom
6 Burmese Socialism : An Economic Analysis of the First Decade
7 On Measuring the Degree of Inequality in the Distribution of Income : Comment on Professor Oshima's Article
8 Sources of Inequality in the Distribution of Regional and National Income in Thailand : Some Preliminary Observations
9 An Economic Analysis of the N.E.C. 's Restrictions on the Entertainment Industry in Thailand
10 Manpower Imbalances in Thailand 1976 and 1981
11 Book Review for the Journal of the Siam Society
12 Preconditions for Utopia
13 An Eclectic Model of Regional Growth for Application to Thailand
14 The Service Sector in the Regional Economics
15 Growth and Employment in Hong Kong 1961-1971
16 The Public Debt : A Burden on Future Generation
17 The Structure of China's Foreign Trade
18 The Growth of the Rubber Economy of Southern Thailand
19 Traffic Congestion Cost and Road User Pricing A Case Study for Bangkok
20 An Interpretation of Classical and Neo-Classical Approaches on Agricaltural Development
21 Priorities for Teaching Economics at the Graduate Level in the Developing Countries
22 Cost Benefit Analysis : A Case Study on the New International Airport
23 A Macro Model for Wage-Price Policy, The Balance of Trade, and Unemployment
24 Tax Progressivity in Thailand
25 Book Reviews reprinted from Journal of the Siam Society
26 Sources of Change in Distribution of Income in Thailand 1962/3 - 1968/9
27 Bath Devaluation and the Balance of Payments
28 The Structure of Industrial Protection in Thailand During The 1960's
29 Effect of Population Control on Per Capita Income
30 Trade Policy and Problems of Export Expansion The Case of Southeast Asia
31 Indefence of Large-Scale Linear Programming Models of Agrinature
32 Risk as One of the Determinants of Contract Choice in Agrinature
33 Quantitative Analysis of Rubber Prices : Methodology
34 Imperfect Competiting in a Vertical Market Network : The Case of Rubber in Thailand
35 A Critique of Labor Surplus Theries and Inequality is the Basic Characteristic of Underdevelopment
36 Thai Rice Premium Date 1954 - 1974
37 Growth and Distribution in Developing Economics
38 A Note on A Realistic Aggregate Model for a Developing Economy
39 Changes in Tax Incidence in Thailand frome 1963 to 1968
40 Manpower and Educational Planning for Higher Education in Thailand
41 -
42 -
43 On the Shadow Wage of Labor : An Extension of Some Recent Theoretical Contributions
44 A Comparative Analysis of the Lao Trade Date
45 The Accuracy of the Southeast Asian Trade Data : With Special Emplasis on the Lao Case
46 Foreign Aid and the Choice of Techique in Road Construction in Thailand
47 -
48 The Impact of Price Increase on Different Income Groups
49 Regional Consumer Price Indices for Thailand
50 Income Distribution In Thailand
51 Reserve Pooling in The Asean Region
52 Incentives and Factor Intensity in the Manufacturing Sector in Thailand
53 Thailand Trade and Payments Policy
54 The CES production
55 Comparative Advantage in Rice Production in Thailand
56 The Generation of Income in the Household Sector in Thailand
57 Thailand Regional Migration and Development, a Regression Analysis
58 The Supply Response of Rubber in Thailand
59 Social Security in Thailand Growth, Trend and Problems
60 -
61 -
62 A Functional-Economic Analysis of Central Government Expenditures of Thailand, 1965-66 to 1975-76
63 The Analysis of the Causes of Instability in Individual Export Commodities in Thailand 1957-1974
64 The Determination of Poverty Band in Thailand
65 The Supply Response of Sugar Cane in Thailand
66 A Preliminaty Background Notes on Food and Nutrition Policy in Thailand
67 Technique of Production and Technology Trannsfer With Some Reference to Thailand
68 Effects of Child Death on Fertility in Thailand
69 Thailand's Tourism An Analysis of Visitor Length of Stay and Expenditures
70 การเปลี่ยนแปลงทางสังคมเศรษฐกิจการเมืองกันการรวมอำนาจทางเศรษฐกิจ โดยเอกชนในประเทศไทย
71 Productivity Measurement and Some Suggestions
72 Trade and Balance of Payments of Thailand
73 แบบจำลองการวางแผนการศึกษาในระดับอุดมศึกษา พิจารณาจากด้านสัดส่วนอาจารย์ต่อนักศึกษา
74 The Cha-Am Road
75 Shadow Wage Rate for Urban Public Project Evaluation in Thailand
76 The Income and Employment Effects of the Tambon Development Programme A Comment
77 Growth and Employment Structures of the Thai and Japanese Economic : Summary and Conclusions
78 The Consequences of Small Rice Farm Mechanization on Rura Employment, Income and Production : Analytical Framework
79 Optimal Export Diversification Models
80 การวางแผนและลำดับการพัฒนาเศรษฐกิจของประเทศโซเวียตรัสเซีย
81 The Theory of Transactions Costs
82 The Distribution of and Access
83 The Distributive Impact of Government Policies
84 Labor Contracts in Thai Agriculture
85 The State of the Nation 1981
86 Petroleum Products Pricing And Its Impacts
87 -
88 Autocentric Development
89 Fiscal Policy Issues in Thailand
90 The Growth of Bangkok
91 The Construction Industry in Thailand and with specialThe Construction Industry
92 The Economic Analysis of Urbanization
93 The Economics of Education Subsidies
94 Internationalism of Higher Education in Thailand
95 The Education Sector in Thailand
96 ASEAN Cooperation in Tourism