Forensics of International Trade Economics (TITLE)About the Organization
The origin of the project

The current globalization causes the economic systems of each country to be closely linked and connected. The development and enthusiasm of creating a framework for economic cooperation in various forms, from the national to the regional level, including the economic crisis. Causing the global community to face fluctuations and instability, resulting in changes in the economies of various countries And can quickly impact the economy of other countries. Until causing various countries Must join forces to seek strategies And build cooperation Including setting rules Trade regulations And international economic law In order to benefit each other For various economic systems at the national level Regional and global levels can be carried out sustainably

Master of Law Program in International Trade Economics So it happened through cooperation. Between the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics Thammasat University With the intention In creating knowledge of economics and law in an integrated way In order to produce personnel with knowledge, understanding and can analyze issues related to trade and investment in international goods and services. Both in terms of law and economics In the direction that leads to the efficient use of world resources With trade fairness Which will ultimately lead to a reduction of international conflicts.

Objectives / goals of the project

  • To conduct an integrated study and research between law and economics On issues related to the exchange of international goods and services
  • To produce a master's degree with advanced knowledge. Has the ability to research Analyze and research issues related to international trade. Both in terms of law and economics and can apply knowledge to work in a systematic way. Both in the public and private sectors
  • To encourage the faculty of the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics Thammasat University Join hands to develop knowledge about international trade in an integrated way Both for teaching and joint research

Graduation career opportunities

Master of International Trade Economics Forensics Project Will be able to apply knowledge to work in both public and private sectors more efficiently Which is able to work extensively in both public and private organizations such as consulting work Planning and policy making related to international trade negotiations

Name of courses

Thammasat International Trade Law and Economics
ศ.ม. (นิติเศรษฐศาสตร์การค้าระหว่างประเทศ)
Master of Arts (Business Economics)

LeveL Bachelor Degree 2-year study period