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Before the year 1911, the year that the first economic textbook was printed in Thailand Economics in those days was not widely known among ordinary people. Those who truly understood economics were only the senior members of the government at that time. Which they are more advanced than ordinary people can understand, and because economics is related to politics and economic doctrine. Therefore, knowledge of economics Therefore not receiving support or even having to disregard interest as well Fearing that it will be a danger to the governing of the country at that time. Is the first economist in Thailand to see

Phraya Suriya Nuwat, this person has compiled And printed the first economic textbook of Thailand called "Theory of Science" in 1911, but was adopted by the government at that time Begging to not be published Until, when the rule was changed, Dr. Thongple Chonchoomoom took the book Reprint By using the name "Economics of Science, Part 1, Volume 1" which is divided into 2 parts. Part One: Creating Property Part Two: Sharing Property, which examines the rent of land, wages, profits, and joint ventures with mutual benefits Can be considered that this book has begun to Economic knowledge For the Thai people seriously for the first time

Later, in the year 1916, the MS (Krom Muen Phitthayalongkorn) published the money market book "Money Market", which is one of many subjects of economics. S. S. has published this book, 1,000 copies, with a total thickness of 140 pages, part 9 on "Money Management in Siam". This book is probably less popular. Therefore did not publish other books on economics until the year 1930, the law school Founded by Krom Luang Ratchaburi Direkrit In 1897, the curriculum was revised. And increased the educational time from 2 years to 3 years. There is a proposal to teach administrative law and economics with teaching proposals Economics is not approved. Probably taught only governing law

Therefore, in the year 2474, there was a teaching The law governing law for the first time, with Luang Pradit Manutham as a teacher Which he brought Economics is inserted at the end of Governing law, also named "the work which the government does to enhance the status and well-being of the people" (Service des seins) which you have separated this work into 2 lines which are (1) in the economy ( Economic Politique) and (2) in the Economic Social Association

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Bachelor of Economics Program
ศ.บ. (เศรษฐศาสตรบัณฑิต)
Bachelor of Economics (B.Econ.)

LeveL Bachelor Degree 4-year study period